Group Painting Murals In Downtown OKC To Show Support For Minorities

Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 4:51 am
By: Ashley Holden


A group will be in downtown Oklahoma City to work on multiple murals near the police department, all dedicated to standing up for minorities. 

When the mural is finished, the paint on the street will say "Black voices."

The group is working near Northwest 1st Street and Shartel Avenue and said one of their main goals if for everyone's voices to be heard.

Brandon Riles has helped organize everyone helping and owns

"My primary concern was a good positive voice," said Riles. "It's not interfered with by anyone from the outside, so these individuals can say and do what they need to positively and get all the correct information out. And this way they won't be influenced by anyone with an agenda from outside of their groups."

Riles said they typically have around a dozen to 20 people helping at a time. But the project is not just one mural and these young people, including some from a group called "The Movement", will probably be working on the murals until Friday. 

"We are going to do the LGBTQ plus flag right here, then after that Native Americans," said Riles. "We are going to do a pride flag just in front of the county jail. We're going to list all the victim's names here in Oklahoma and some from across the nation. Just after that were going to do Black lives matter along with one of the other groups of young people that have been helping us called "The Movement". They are also going to put there's out there."

The city says the group has a permit.

On Tuesday, June 23, the group plans to paint "Black Lives Matter" on Northeast 36th Street and North Kelley Avenue.

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