Former High School Athletes Charged in Alleged Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Monday, June 22nd 2020, 10:22 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

SHAWNEE, Okla. -

A group of Shawnee teenagers have been charged after an alleged drug deal gone bad.

Investigators said in early June, a group of boys tried to buy and ounce of marijuana, but when they didn't end up with what they paid for one of them opened fire on the alleged drug dealer’s vehicle.

According to court documents, the boys wanted to buy an ounce of weed for $200. Yet, when they got to their vehicle, they found out they had been shorted, and allegedly caused them to fire off multiple rounds.

The reported drug dealers called 911.

Police said they original made a false report, but eventually a witness in the car told officers what really happened.

The alleged dealers are listed as Candi Salazar, 18 and her 17-year-old boyfriend. Both have since been charged with various felony crimes, including conspiracy and a weapons violation.

As for the sellers, the boys have been charged as youthful offenders.

News 9 will not be releasing their names.

However, the school district has confirmed they were athletes last year.

One player was on the 2019-2020 SHS basketball team, and the other was on the 2019-2020 SHS football team.

The school told News 9, “At this time, the alleged students involved have not reported to nor are they actively engaged in our summer athletic programs."

The former athletes have been charged with conspiracy and a weapons violation.

The district attorney of Pottawatomie County said they put the public at risk by firing in an open area.

“When someone takes a shot at a citizen on a public street, we are going to take action,” said DA Allan Grubb.

The investigation is ongoing, and prosecutors said more charges could be filed. It is not clear how the teens had possession of the firearms.