OU Med’s Dr. Bratzler Outlines Why We Need To Continue Wearing Masks

Monday, June 22nd 2020, 4:22 pm

Masks are becoming more and more available to people. But they are not commonly being used when people are in social settings.

"When you speak, or if you cough and sneeze droplets come out of your mouth," said OU’s COVID Chief Officer Dr. Dale Bratzler.

Bratzler said this is all too common to hear wear your mask. But many people are not following the recommendations.

"The number one reason we wear our masks is to stop the droplets from coming out of our mouth that could get in the air and infect someone else," said Bratzler. 

Wearing a mask is a courtesy to others around you. But has also been proven to be the number one way to stop the spread.

"We can drastically reduce the person to person transmission of the virus," Bratzler said.

During President Trump’s Rally Saturday, in the crowd of people, very few covered their nose and mouth. This social setting is possibly a super spreader for the virus leading Dr. Bratzler to ask the question to Oklahomans, "are we willing to put into place orders that mandate wearing a mask."

Bratzler said reopening the state does not mean returning to normal. People need to continue to follow CDC guidelines to keep the spread down.