Absentee Ballot Deadline Approaching; Safety Protocols In Place For In-Person Election

Monday, June 22nd 2020, 5:09 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Tuesday is the last day Oklahoma voters can apply for an absentee ballot for the primary elections on June 30th.

This time when you apply, you only need to provide a copy of your I.D.

“Because of the emergency situation, the legislature passed new procedures,” said Oklahoma County Election Board Secretary Doug Sanderson. “So, if you needed a notary or two witnesses, or whatever it is you don’t have to have either one of those.”

As of Mid-June, the election board had already received 30,000 absentee applications.

Sanderson said he knows people may not show up to the primaries on June 30th because of COVID-19.

If you choose to vote in person, you will likely notice safety protocols in place. The election board said polling staff will be cleaning often, disinfection stations will be set up, and social distancing is encouraged but not mandatory.

“We’re going to ask voters to keep distance from each other,” said Sanderson. “So the line may look long but in reality there are less voters.”

If you decide to vote in person, make sure you have your state, tribal, or federal ID or free voter ID card.

The Oklahoma County Election Board said 5 polling spots have been shut down in the county because of COVID-19. You can visit the OK Voter Portal on the State Election Board’s website to make sure your polling place hasn’t changed.