Kids Take Center Stage In BLM March

Sunday, June 21st 2020, 10:17 pm
By: Brian Mueller


It might be summer break, but kids were hard at work Sunday at school. Not in the classroom but marching in the streets for a cause that can't afford to take a break.

It was called the Children's March for Justice, co-sponsored by Black Lives Matter OKC.

What made this march unique was that it was organized by elementary, middle and high school students.

 "This is to raise awareness. This is to reach out to other minorities who are aware of what's going on in the world today," incoming UCO freshman Joseline Aguilar said. "And mainly, this is for the youth to be heard. In a lot of marches, they don't really ask the youth their opinion. They don't really ask how this affects them, so this is definitely a gateway for us to express ourselves and how we feel about everything going on."

Many of the marchers may be short on years, but the line was long as thousands walked from F.D. Moon Middle School down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Douglass High School’s football stadium where organizers spoke to the crowd.

"Seeing everybody supporting the youth and finally hearing our voices means a lot to us and I really think we can affect the next generation up," Children’s March for Justice organizer and Putnam City West sophomore Amaya Harris said.

The march was also co-sponsored by Oklahoma City Public Schools and Millwood Public Schools.

Educators agree: the future is in good hands.

"I'm just happy to see all these kids and allow their voices to be heard," John Marshall High School Principal and Black Lives Matter OKC member Rodney Cox said.

"I am going to drive home today with a huge smile on my face feeling so good about tomorrow, and about next year and about the years to come because of these kids. These kids are going to do some incredible things,” Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said.

The children's march was the cap for a number of events put on by Black Lives Matter to commemorate Juneteenth weekend.