Local Business Owner Calling For Changes To COVID-19 Relief

Thursday, June 18th 2020, 5:30 pm
By: Karl Torp

When it comes to federal, state and city relief aid, many small businesses are falling through the cracks.

The owner of the Ambassador Shop on May Avenue near Quail Springs Mall closed for five weeks.

During that time, he kept his tailor on the payroll.

“She is like family now. She is as vital to the store as I am,” said Ambassador Shop owner Loren Wilson.

To supplement some of her income, Wilson sold masks.

But when he applied for federal COVID-19 small business relief, totaling in hundreds of millions of dollars, to make up for lost sales, he got nothing.

“I received a rejection saying I hadn’t suffered enough,” said Wilson.

The business owner hasn't heard back on his application from the city.

Part of the issue was that Loren doesn't take a salary, and his tailor is considered an independent contractor.

“When you aren't having any income, it’s scary,” said Wilson.

Wilson feels these cracks in the system are wide enough for the governor and president, who met Thursday in Washington, will take action.

”I just ask that they redefine the definition of small business from 500 to 50, I think that would have helped more businesses, because they smaller ones like us would have gotten the money first,” said Wilson.

To stay open, Wilson's retirement savings has become a rainy day fund virtually overnight.

“I’m hoping something will happen and its if it doesn't we will get through it,” said Wilson.