Demonstrators Call For OKC Police To Be Defunded

Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 5:45 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck


A handful of protesters marched through downtown Oklahoma City, demanding changes at the police department. But their message was far from clear. They marched to the former police department, asking for the city to defund police.

Now what exactly that means depends on who you ask. Most of the demonstrators refused to talk with the press. Those who did seemed confused about what the message was; whether they want to eliminate the police department or re-allocate some police funds to other programs.

“Um, I personally don’t know about that. I’m kinda just out here supporting so it’s not something I would know, like off the top,” said demonstrator Angelique Chandler.

“Like, the funding the police have to like put it into other things within the city like healthcare and stuff like that. I know that’s kinda what it means for us or why we’re out here trying to do this,” said demonstrator Alexandria Carr

The group met up with other demonstrators in front of the old police department. They listened to the city council meeting and talked about how to defund police while still providing the department with the training they’re demanding. 

“If you need more money to help you learn simple humanity, which humanity of others is never up for debate, then I think we need to basically just revamp the entire system,” said T. Sheri Dickerson of Black Lives Matter OKC.

 “I don’t want to see Oklahoma City burn. I love my city. I love my city. However, I do not love what it’s like to be black in this city,” said demonstrator Asa Leveaux.