United Way Of Central Oklahoma Partners Up With New View To Give Out PPE

Thursday, June 11th 2020, 4:12 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

United Way of Central Oklahoma partnered up to give out $83,000 in personal protective equipment.

More than 70 partnered nonprofits now have access to masks, gloves, thermometers and several other PPE items for free.

As Oklahoma City businesses continue to reopen since the coronavirus pandemic, several nonprofits have struggled to find personal protective equipment to keep their employees and customers safe.

United Way of Oklahoma said that is when they realized they needed to find a way to help their partnered agencies get access to the crucial supplies, so they got involved with New View Oklahoma to give out supplies.

“We were so fortunate that donors came and actually supported the United Way, so we were able the purchase the PPE for our agencies," President and CEO of United Way of Central Oklahoma Debby Hampton said

A.J. Johnson with Boys and Girls Club said a gift like this is truly incredible.

"We get to really impact them in a safe with all our staff getting to wear mask and kids will have hand sanitizer all over the place. This gift as a nonprofit organization, this gift is incredible the fact that somebody thinks enough of us to give a us a phone call to come down and pick up hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of PPE. That is a huge impact on all of us,” Johnson said.

United Way of Central Oklahoma said if their partnered agencies run out of PPE items, they hope to have another event like this one in the future.