What Going Back To The Office Means For Your Pet

Wednesday, June 10th 2020, 5:02 pm
By: Brian Mueller

For us humans, working from home has its pluses and minuses, but for most pets, they like the added quality time.

During the pandemic, pets have added home office assistant to their resumes. Their pay: more time than ever with their owner.

“I think the pets are absolutely loving it. I know a lot of my owners have said the dogs are going on walks five and six times a day, and they're like, 'we don’t know what we’re going to do when we have to go back to work,'" said Dr. Kimberly Weiss, veterinarian, and owner of Healing Hands Veterinarian Wellness Center.

Weiss weighed in on what that means for your pet.

“Probably won’t be as difficult as we as humans think it would be because they were kind of used to having the house to themselves, and it’s like, 'oh, now our human’s here, we were going on all these walks.' Then it’s just another adjustment of being by themselves again,” she said.

But if you notice your pet acting out or not behaving normally, Weiss has some advice.

“As long as the pet owner makes sure to pay attention to them in the morning, I have some that come home in the afternoons, just make sure to give that time, just like a child, right? Make sure to spend that time with them so they know that they’re loved. The rest of the time, the dogs and cats are probably just sleeping on the couch anyway," she said.

Beethoven and Mozart might be able to help as well. Weiss said playing classical music while you're gone can help soothe your pet’s anxiety.