Norman Barista Has Cup With Black Lives Matter Message Thrown At Her

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 5:38 pm
By: News 9

A coffee shop in Norman is known for writing encouraging words on their cups. This month they decided to change it up. One customer was not too pleased with what he saw.

The barista would prefer to remain anonymous. She enjoys her job and believes this is a great company. But while working one day, a good day turned worse.

"He threw a drink in front of all of another customer," the barista said.

Cool Beans puts words of encouragement on its cups, and this month the employees wanted to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

"We put Black Lives Matter, we put we stand with you, we put names of victims," the barista said describing the cups messages.

The barista says one customer pulled back through the drive-thru throwing his drink at the window while she was taking an order.

"He said he was tired of seeing it," said the barista. 

The messages have not sat well with all customers. Cool Beans owner said this was just one of many incidents like this.

They have been receiving calls asking them to stop putting these words on their cups. 

But there is still positivity being spread, the owners have seen an increase in business.

"If we are going to be gaining any recognition or any extra revenue, then we should pass that on," said one co-owner Kate Bierman.

The owners plan to give the extra money they are making to BLM in Oklahoma City.

And the barista leaves the man who threw the coffee at her with just a few words, "I understand you are frustrated by seeing it- it is something that needs to be seen and heard."

When the owners were told about the incident, they told their employees to write the message bigger next time.