Oklahoma City-County Health Department Reports Increase In COVID-19 Cases

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 3:58 pm

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department reported a slight increase in COVID-19 cases.

The department said these new cases are among the younger population and symptoms in some showed up when Oklahoma was moving into phase three.

“In May, we would normally see five to 10 cases a day,” said Hieremila Haile, the Oklahoma City-County Health Department EPRP Epidemiologist. “Now, we see about 15 to 20 cases.”

But with the reopening of the state, Haile said they expected to see an uptick in confirmed cases.

“It is something that we do expect soon after reopening and more public events being available and more opportunities for individuals to go outside,” Haile said.

Recorded data showed a 3% increase for ages 17 and under and a 13% increase for ages 18 to 34. But, Haile pointed out, a lot of them were asymptomatic, meaning they showed no symptoms.

Some health officials have stated that if you are asymptomatic, the virus has a very low chance of spreading.

“The likelihood of you exposing someone while asymptomatic is relatively low mainly, because the spread of the virus is through respiratory droplets. If you are not coughing or sneezing, the likelihood of you spreading the droplet to your loved one is low,” said Haile.

But, she said, it is important to still be vigilant because COVID-19 is still here.