Suspect Arrested After Federal Weapons Raid In McLoud

Thursday, June 4th 2020, 9:15 pm

MCLOUD, Okla. -

Federal agents raided a home in McLoud Thursday afternoon.

The main suspect, Christopher Ledbetter, has been under investigation since February, according to police.

According to the suspect’s family, they are accused of running a compound. Thursday they were kicked off their property as agents looked for weapons and explosives.

Ledbetter’s mother said he was arrested as dozens of FBI agents and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers in armored vehicles raided their home.

News 9 has been following Ledbetter’s story for months. He sent News 9 this statement weeks earlier:

“I am a peaceful person that wanted to be left alone and have exposed somethings about them, and they are trying to kill me,” said Ledbetter.

In the past he has been accused of illegally bringing weapons inside the McLoud Police Department, even getting in a chase with an officer.

Both instances were documented by Ledbetter on Facebook.

But his mother, Joann Johnson, said that’s because McLoud PD have been targeting them unjustly. She said her son was standing up for his second amendment rights, and his property.

“If they come out there to kill us, we will defend ourselves,” she said. “If you use a threat on me, I will use force back.”

The family said Ledbetter served in the Marines for four years.

They accused McLoud PD of harassing them and among other crimes. They believe this federal investigation is a witch-hunt.

Yet, law enforcement sources said Ledbetter was running a compound and calling others from across the country to come to his home. Also, that he encouraged them to come heavily armed and protect him and his family from being arrested.

Those near the property documented the raid on Facebook.

”They are moving in. They are making moves,” said Braedon Chesser. “Chris’ mom told me that they said Chris pulled a gun on an officer, that’s bullcrap.”

The suspect’s family denies running a militia compound. They want others to know that they filed for a restraining order against a McLoud officer earlier this year after a confrontation, but it was dismissed.

“Said he was God. That he could arrest us, books us and do anything he wanted to do to us,” said Glenn Johnson, Ledbetter’s stepfather.

The FBI confirms they have a federal warrant, and they are the lead agency on the case.

They plan on releasing more information Friday.

As for Ledbetter, just days ago, he was seen dressed in a military uniform—reportedly protecting Black Lives Matter protestors in OKC.

He said no one should live in fear of the police.

It is not clear where he is now.

We did get a behind the scenes look at the alleged compound after investigators cleared the scene.

Beloww is a picture of Ledbetter’s home. It is a converted storage container.

Home Of Christopher Ledbetter

McLoud PD could not comment on the case.