WATCH: OKC FOP Rallies Behind Officers, Police Chief

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, 11:52 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma City's Fraternal Order of Police rallied in front of Oklahoma City police headquarters to support officers and police chief.

The Oklahoma City Black Lives Matter chapter released a list of demands on Monday and one of them was the resignation of Oklahoma City police Chief Wade Gourley.

FOP President John George said the following at the rally and released it as a statement afterward:

“Our organization does not always agree with our chiefs, and Chief Gourley is no exception. However, we will defend him when he is attacked for the way he and our command have led our department through these protests, which have unfortunately turned into riots. We see no reason for the chief to apologize, much less resign. We completely support the way he has handled a difficult situation.
"Our officers have showed tremendous professionalism and restraint. They should be commended, not ridiculed, and certainly not by elected officials who should know the truth. Every day, our officers see how this community supports them. We know they will continue their excellent work.
“We would like to add that we hear the people peacefully protesting and other concerned citizens. Just as they do not want to be judged because of a few bad actors in the crowd who stir up violence and other criminal acts, we ask they not judge all police officers because of a horrendous incident in Minnesota and other isolated incidents around the country. 99.9% of officers are great people who just want to protect and serve their communities to the best of their ability.”