Oklahoma City Police Arrest 36 Protesters Over The Weekend, Prepare For Potential Threats

Monday, June 1st 2020, 7:15 pm

A rally on Sunday in Oklahoma City that started peacefully with thousands in attendance showing solidarity for Black Lives Matter OKC ended with 11 arrests. Police said the number was more than doubled on Saturday with 25 arrests.

Law enforcement is prepared for the threat of more violence, according to Oklahoma City Police Department officials.

Captain Larry Withrow said the protest on Sunday took on a different tone after dark.

“You could tell many of the protesters from the original group had begun to leave,” said Withrow. “Most of that group had disbanded and a new group of protesters or people showed up at that point.”

The peace was shattered when witnesses said fireworks were set off in the crowd. Some protesters even threw objects at officers.

“This prompted a police response involving gas,” said Withrow. “Non-lethal weapons or less-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd.”

Police were also quick to respond to drivers who came down Shartel Avenue near police headquarters, nearly hitting people on the street.

Shots were reportedly fired at officers and buildings were broken into and vandalized as the crowd moved further north of the police department.

“Dispatch, the municipal courts building, several private businesses received some damage. Several burglaries were reported in the area,” said Withrow. “I know the bombing Memorial received some damage.”

According to the police blotter, 11 people were arrested on Sunday. Mostly for disorderly conduct and violating the mayor's curfew.

A much larger group of protesters accused of rioting and disorderly conduct, were taken to jail on Saturday. Among them were three men police said were from Arkansas and Georgia.

“Some are from out-of-state,” sad Withrow. “But I don’t have an organization or group that they’re affiliated with.”

Police said the 10 p.m. curfew in the downtown area will remain in effect until Mayor Holt rescinds the proclamation.