Agents Arrest Alleged Lincoln County Drug Dealer

Friday, May 29th 2020, 9:14 pm
By: Bonnie Campo


Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics took down an accused big drug dealer.

Last Thursday, OBN took Sheridan Thomason into custody.

“On five different occasions, our undercover agents had purchased methamphetamine from this individual,” said Mark Woodward of ONB. “She would go from Lincoln County, to the Chandler area, to Oklahoma City to her source. She was purchasing large amounts of methamphetamine back to Lincoln County for distribution.”

Agents said that they worked Thomason’s case over several months.

Court documents revealed the agents purchased 5.66 ounces totaling $1,350.00.

Investigators said that was just a portion of Sheridan’s supply.

“These individuals are making these trips multiple time a week, that’s a lot of methamphetamine pouring into the size of Lincoln County,” said Woodward. “This is a large supplier, and someone we wanted to get off the streets.”

He added meth is still the number one drug threat in Oklahoma and has been for a decade.

Across the metro the story is the same, according to Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn

“Last several years, we’ve have seen more meth in greater quantities,” said Mashburn. “It’s just one of those drugs that is so dangerous.”

He said users and dealers used to carry a few ounces around, and that’s now turned into a few pounds.

Mashburn reported the shift happened after recent legislation made it easier to carry small amounts of all types of drugs.

“There are so many users, now that it is a misdemeanor to possess,” he said. “People know they can get in and out of a county jail really quickly and get back to their meth.”

OBN agents said that’s why when agents capture an alleged meth dealer, they are sending a message to a larger drug network.

“They are connected to someone who knows someone who has a connection, who has a connection to a Mexican source that is bringing it in out of Phoenix or Dallas,” said Woodward.

Thomason faces five felonies.

She is scheduled to be in court at 1:30 p.m. June 11.