OKC To Begin Phase 3 Of Reopening On Monday

Friday, May 29th 2020, 5:18 pm

Though we are approaching phase 3, it’s still important for everyone to continue to wash your hands and take proper precautions when out in public, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt said. 

According to the governor’s office, businesses may resume unrestricted staffing at their worksites, but should continue to follow proper cleaning and disinfectant practices. 

Other businesses that were operating under appointments only can now accept walk-in clients. 

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As we approach phase 3, Holt said if there seems to be an increase in positive cases they will respond accordingly.

“If the data spikes or something turns around in a negative way, we won’t hesitate to act for the safety of our residents,” said Holt.

Summer camps are allowed to open as well as long as they follow safety guidelines. Some local day cares have seen a limited amount of children since this pandemic began, but expect that to change with the start of phase 3.

“More people are getting back to work, we’ve stayed open for everyone that needed to go to work and more people are being able to go back to work,” said Tamara Foos, director at Mimi’s Learning Center.

With the more children they see, they plan to make more room by opening another classroom and keep everything as clean as possible. According to the governor’s office, Oklahoma currently has about 700 active COVID-19 cases as more than 5,000 people have recovered.

“With our numbers declining as they have, I think the community has certainly earned the ability to try out phase 3,” said Holt. “Which really is kind of the last final step.”

Holt also said it’s important for everyone to remember the virus is still out there and to try and be as safe as possible.