Florida Couple Says They Were Scammed By Fake Breeders using OKC Address

Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 6:10 am
By: Ashley Holden


The Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning about online pet scams after people claim they were scammed by someone using an Oklahoma City address. 

News 9 got a tip about this story from WINK-TV CBS affiliate in Fort Meyers, Florida. One man in that area thought he spent hundreds buying two kittens from an address in NW OKC.

"We were getting the house ready for the kittens. I got a little shoe box to put them in," said Ted Tyrell. 

He and his partner were excited at the thought of welcoming Nina and Mia into their home. Tyrell had spotted the pair online at ragdollbreedershomes.net. The website used an Oklahoma address and phone number for their agreements.

"The kittens were going to cost 900 dollars and the shipping would cost an additional 50," said Tyrell. 

So he paid the money through Zelle, and the website said it would line up transportation. But Tyrell was later asked by the "shipper" for more money. 

"When they're asking for 950 I started thinking something wasn't right," said the Florida resident. 

Since, he's tried to call the site and says he's contacted the police.

News 9 also called the 405 number listed on Tyrell's paperwork. A crew also stopped by their OKC address. No one answered, but KWTV was able to get ahold of the former owner of the home.

The former owner said his family moved out in November, and they never had problems. But, the man said said he spoke with the current owners recently. They told him they aren't breeders and they've had people show up at the home asking about the pet they tried to purchase.

"What we see a lot of times is when one website starts to get a lot of traction and people start complaining about it, they'll take that website down and then put another one up pretty quickly," said CEO of the local OKC BBB, Kitt Letcher.

Letcher said they don't have info on the website Tyrell had issues with, but they have received complaint about another website that's been using the same address.

Another URL is posted on petscams.com, and people have left comments sharing a similar story to Tyrell's. Some of them claim they were also sent the same OKC address and info the Florida resident was sent. 

"There are a lot of scammers out there that are just there to make a quick buck," said Tyrell. 

He said he's obviously disappointed the kittens weren't real, but he's using this as a learning experience. He hopes other listen to his warning. 

"Do not order pets unless you can see them, unless you can pick them up," said Tyrell.

The BBB recommends calling and asking to Facetime and see a pet you're considering. Also, they say an easy way to check is by doing a Google image search online to make sure the pictures they're taking are their own.

For more advice head to the BBB's section on puppy and pet scams.