Local Theaters Fighting To Remain In The Spotlight

Tuesday, May 26th 2020, 6:44 pm


Shakespeare’s line “all the world’s a stage” has never been more true.

Just ask Sheryl Martin, the artistic director at Namron Player’s Theatre in Norman.

“We had to ask ourselves, are we just going to scrap this?” Martin said.

She’s referring to her original play Lunch Box, character’s telling stories revolving around everyone’s favorite mid-day meal.

Stories that were supposed to be told on stage, now on video.

“I said give me two weeks, and I’ll come up with a script that will work," Martin said.

Martin and her actors had rehearsals over Zoom for a month, which meant not as much cast comradery, but a lot of creativity.

“It’s been a lot of fun, putting our own little movie together, shooting it on our own phones," said Kathy Kelly Christos, an actor in the show.

You can see the digital premier of Lunch Box on Thursday, June 4 at 5 p.m. on Depot TV.

As for the larger professional theaters, they have to wait a little longer.

Lyric Theatre artistic director Michael Baron said his theater, like so many others, had to lay off staff.

Last week, they cut 15 of their 24 full-time positions, but Baron said he hopes to bring all those workers back when they reopen eventually.

In anticipation of that, they’ve already removed every other row in the Plaza Theatre to comply with social distancing standards.

 “We have to figure out a way to make theater work if possible, because I don’t see the virus letting up any time soon," Baron said.

Lyric has already pushed their 2020 season to next year but hope to return in November for A Christmas Carol.