AAA Will Not Issue Memorial Day Travel Forecast Due To Pandemic

Friday, May 22nd 2020, 7:01 am


For the first time in 20 years, The American Automobile Association did not issue a Memorial Day travel forecast due to the lack of travel because of COVID-19.

 AAA says the data it usually goes off of to make this forecast wasn’t available to them. Officials said data they had was used, the forecast wouldn’t be accurate.

“All of those indicators that would help us put together a solid forecast are just non-existent this year because of the pandemic,” said Leslie Gamble with AAA.

Gamble said travelers usually use this forecast so they can figure out when they need to get to the airport or if they need to find alternate routes due to traffic.

This Memorial Day weekend, Oklahomans are wanting to stay safe at home. That means airlines, cruises, hotels, beaches, and even the rail service industry are taking a major hit.

AAA said the last time it saw a dip in travel like this was back in 2009 when people didn’t have money to travel.

Gamble said that doesn’t mean people are doing away with travel all together. Instead, they’re booking trips for this Fall that look a little different than usual.

 “It’s going to be about finding places where we can take a road trip together,” said Gamble. “Where we can spend time in places where people aren’t so densely located. Probably avoiding cities.”


If travelers decide they do want to get out this Memorial Day weekend, AAA is offering free car inspections at its locations in OKC and Edmond.