Good Samaritan Saves 14-Year-Old Girl From Possible Kidnapping

Wednesday, May 20th 2020, 6:04 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A possible kidnapping was foiled and a suspect is behind bars. 

Police said a good Samaritan stepped in at just the right time and save a 14-year-old girl. 

The teen was riding her bicycle along a sidewalk on the Yukon-Oklahoma City border when a man drove his car right up on the sidewalk to block her in and tried to force her in. 

A passerby saw this and stopped.

“The Lord had his hand over all of this I think," Jason Guy said.

Guy became emotional as he recounted the story.

On May 13, he saw a car pulled over on NW 23rd Street and blocking the sidewalk. 

“The vehicle that made me want to stop was straddling the sidewalk here and I pulled off the side of the road and the gentleman was exiting the vehicle at the time,” he said.

That’s when Guy noticed a young girl on a bike, trying to get away.

“I asked her if the man was bothering her and she stated to me that he was trying to get her into the car,” Guy said. “He was agitated. When I initially made eye contact with him he had that deer in the headlight look. I think he knew he was caught.”

Guy said 39-year-old Kevin Lee Teurman tried to pull his car door closed to drive off, but Guy stopped it with his leg.

“He stood up out of his car, which made me kind of step back and when he did that is when he bolted,” Guy said. “The guy runs back to his vehicle, says 'what are you going to do? Make a citizens arrest?' and jumps in his vehicle.”

Teurman sped off. Another good Samaritan followed him until police picked him up a few minutes later.  

“I’m very grateful that Jason was here and stopped. And so there’s an immediate bond and everything that formed between families and neighbors and very grateful that he was here,” said the girl's father, Tommy Crabtree.

Guy shuddered as he imagines what could have happened had he not stop to check out the car.

“It’s places that you don’t want your mind to go, but again, the Lord had his hands over this whole situation,” Guy said. “Just the fear that I saw in the child’s face when I backed up and rolled down the window, I knew I had to do something.”

Teurman is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on kidnapping complaints. 

Police said this is a good time to remind parents to talk with their kids about not getting into cars with strangers.