No Arrests Made Year After NE OKC Triple Murder

Monday, January 6th 2020, 1:15 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Monday marks one year since a popular community activist, his fiancée and her teenage daughter were killed in their northeast Oklahoma City home.

There have been no arrests and no justice for their families. 

“I cannot express the horror of this year,” Evelyn Abdullah, Elijah Mothershed Bey's mother, said. 

The 84-year-old Abdullah has suffered more pain this year than most people have suffered in a lifetime. She keeps a memorial to her son in her living room. The dead flowers from his funeral are symbolic of a life cut short.

“So many things came up that only he can answer, and we were best friends, too,” Abdullah said. “His phone calls. His presence. 'Mommy, how you feeling? What do you need, Mommy?'”

Mothershed Bey was a tireless activist. He worked with troubled boys through a program he founded called Man 101, volunteered to patrol with the Guardian Angels and organized community clean ups. 

Mothershed Bey’s body was found near the door, according to family members. He was shot once in the head. Carnesha Powell and her daughter Roshawna Stephens were found in a nearby hallway. Both had been shot several times in the shoulder, back and neck. They were both shot close range in the head.

“Somebody that has no emotions. They get a thrill out of pain and suffering, and I don’t want to understand them,” Abdullah said.

Mothershed Bey’s sister Cheryl Alford added, “I don’t care where the guilt falls. I don’t care who was involved. If it was someone we know, somebody we’re connected to, Even if it’s a blood relative friend or whatever… If you step over my dead brother's body, you care about no one and I don’t care about you.”

Police aren’t talking about the case on camera and said there’s no new information to report.

Abdullah said she wants the killer to spend a long, long time in prison but to not receive the death penalty.

“I think life is the most valuable thing that everyone has,” she said. “If you can live, you can correct anything.”