OKC Woman Arrested, Accused Of Impersonating A Law Officer, Using Drugs

Thursday, January 9th 2020, 11:28 am
By: Jennifer Pierce

An Oklahoma City woman was arrested and is accused of impersonating a law officer while high on drugs.  

A security guard called police after confronting Edward Littlejohn, 47, Bobby Hooks, 58, and Shirlene Nelson, 35, at an apartment complex near NE 36th and Kelley Avenue. Police and residents said it is not uncommon for drug dealers to target the northeast Oklahoma City apartment complex.

“I’ve seen some people being high on that PCP stuff,” said Delois Willis, resident.  

Willis said she was not surprised Littlejohn, Hooks and Nelson were recently busted with PCP. However, she was surprised that one of them posed as a police officer.

A security guard caught the three suspects on the property, and the guard became suspicious when Nelson flashed a police badge and handcuffs. 

“That can become a more dangerous situation,” Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. “Because oftentimes, they have weapons just as this person did.”  

According to the police report, Nelson was wearing a pink duty belt with pepper spray, two knives, handcuffs, brass knuckles and a brass badge. Nelson told officers she belonged to the "Armor of Faith" and got the badge from the father of her children who owns an armor business. 

Police then searched the suspects' car and found vials of PCP and suspected they were using the drug.   

“The people involved appeared to be high at the time officers were talking to them,” said Knight. “They exhibited signs of being under the influence of PCP.”

Residents are thankful police confiscated the drugs and took the alleged drug dealers to jail.

“I think that’s very dangerous,” said Willis. “Because I’ve seen the reaction after they’ve gotten high on this drug.”  

Officers also found a stack of fake paper dealer tags in the suspects' car.