Okla. Co. Off-Duty Deputy Recounts Chasing Gunman From Penn Square Mall

Tuesday, January 21st 2020, 1:16 pm
By: Hunter McKee

An off-duty Oklahoma County deputy was working security at Penn Square Mall at the time of the second shooting in one month. He chased the suspect out of the mall before losing him.

Justin Kimbrough said running security for the theatre inside the mall is a second job for him. As he was going through his normal procedures, he heard gunshots and started chasing the suspected shooter.

“My presence yelling for him to stop, most definitely caused him to flee,” said Oklahoma County Lt. Justin Kimbrough.  “I mean there was a security guard there the entire time and it didn't detour these guys whatsoever.”

Another deputy was working security as well. As Kimbrough chased the suspect, he helped the others to safety.

“An individual points the opposite direction and says that's the shooter, I look to my right there's a young male fleeing so I pursue,” said Kimbrough.

Kimbrough, who was in uniform, lost the suspect in a crowd of people once he got outside.

In addition to the shooter, Oklahoma City police are also looking for several persons of interest who were with the gunman at the time.

“In banks, schools, churches, theatres, we all want more visibility with law enforcement, “said Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D Taylor. “It makes us all feel safer.”

Oklahoma County officials also mentioned keeping a presence at these various locations is key, in case something major like this happens again.