9/11 Pilot Featured In New Musical Visits Oklahoma City National Memorial

Thursday, January 23rd 2020, 4:44 am
By: Caleb Califano

A new musical coming to Oklahoma City focuses on a small community coming together during September 11th attacks.

One of the pilots featured in that story visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Beverley Bass is the first of her kind. In the 1980s she became the first female captain for American Airlines. However, it was in 2001 when her job was truly put to the test.
"I was flying a Triple 7 from Paris to Dallas, and we were in the middle of the North Atlantic when we heard on our aircraft radios that one of the towers was hit," Bass said.
The story behind how she and thirty other planes were re-routed to a small Canadian town will soon be on the big stage here in Oklahoma.
But looking deeper at the musical, Bass tells me it shows the importance of community and coming together during times of great tragedy.
"I remember the Oklahoma City Bombing it was 1995, I remember exactly where In was. I was in a flight opposite American Airlines," Bass said. "It has taught us to be better people to be kinder, to be gentler and to help those in times of tragedy rather than just sitting at home and watching them on TV."
That's what Bass felt from the Canadian communities that helped out during 9/11, and its that same feeling from Oklahomans when tragedy struck the state in 1995.
Bass said she saw our nation grow in the wake of the attacks.
The musical Come From Away will be at the OKC Civic Center starting February 4 through the 9.