Okla. Co. FOP Officer Discusses Letter Sent To DA Prater Concerning Commissioner Calvey

Saturday, February 1st 2020, 5:19 pm
By: Erica Rankin

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 155 wrote a letter and gave it to Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater last May. In the letter, FOP Lodge 155 asked Prater to review statements and actions of Commissioner Kevin Calvey saying that he met the criteria to be removed from office.

“All we really want is for him to lay off,” Third Vice President for FOP Lodge 155 Todd Beesley said.

Beesley suggested Sheriff PD Taylor and Calvey sit down and figure things out before it gets worse.

“If they have to have a sit-down conversation and stop this bickering that puts us employees and the members of FOP Lodge 155 in the middle of this,” Beesley said. “Because we are the ones that are seen in public.”

After Calvey found out about the letter, Beesley said he called them the bullies in this situation. But Calvey said he is for the people and not a bully.

“The Sheriff's political arm, the County FOP, once again is making personal attacks and false accusations against multiple elected officials who are just trying to account for taxpayer funds,” Calvey said. “For instance, the recent revelation that the Sheriff has a huge number of cars, more than he has law enforcement officers, show the need for this accountability policy. The proposed county property policy does NOT prevent deputies from having second jobs. The Sheriff should not be afraid of accounting for his use of taxpayer funds- what does he have to hide?”

We have not heard back from Prater on the matter.