Arrest Warrant Issued For Accused Oklahoma City Arsonist

Monday, February 3rd 2020, 6:00 pm
By: Amber Gerard

Oklahoma City police are searching for 41-year-old Brandon Parks.

He is accused of starting a fire at a home on Northwest 40th Street in October.

"My front door was busted in," Elijah Noley said describing the moment he returned from work and saw fire trucks in front of the duplex he shared with then tenant, Parks. 

According to fire investigators, Parks set two pillows on fire in the living room and walked out. 

After hearing what sounded like a fire alarm coming from the home a neighbor ran outside. When he looked through the window, he saw smoke and flames coming from the living room.

The fire caused damage to the floor and ceiling. But, if it weren't for his neighbor, Noley said it would have been way worse. 

"I probably would have lost everything." he said. 

At the time Parks was living there, neighbors had been keeping a close eye on him they said. Because Parks had been caught damaging the home before. 

"He was OK when he first moved in but then it all went downhill, " Noley said. 

One night, neighbors said they watched as Parks broke all of the windows inside of the home.

"I think it was like a plate he threw through the window. Then it was fixed and then he threw something else through it," Noley continued. 

On another occasion, Parks was captured on camera randomly hitting a sign as he walked down a sidewalk.

"There was no concern about anyone else when he did this. And not having concern about anybody else - that's the true danger," Noley said. 

Since 2002, Parks has been convicted several times for charges that include DUI, assault and drug possession. He even pleaded guilty to making a bomb threat in 2013. However, court records show that he has never served an extended period of time behind bars.