Noah’s Event Venue Releases Statement Days After Sudden Closure

Monday, February 10th 2020, 12:01 pm
By: Hunter McKee

Many couples are scrambling to figure out what’s next for their weddings after a wedding venue closed unexpectedly.

Noah's Event Venue closed their doors just a few days ago, with no warning.  Now those who have already booked their weddings and paid thousands of dollars are wondering how they're going to get their money back. 

When Noah's closed on Friday, the only notice they gave was a sign on their front door saying their corporate office would be in contact with those who had booked the venue. The problem, people had to discover the news for themselves.

“Everyone's posting on Facebook and making a big scene out of it, “said Gage Kingery. “So, I hope it gets seen and heard because there's a lot of people out of parties and weddings because of them.”

Many of the couples found out through Facebook and through other couples, with no word from Noah's until today. They sent an email saying they filed for bankruptcy and that filing forced them to stop operations immediately. Even though they can't host weddings under Noah's name, they are allowing other wedding venues to use the building for the couples already booked. However, nothing was stated about couples getting their money back.

“It's really hard because you're supposed to have this stuff booked way in advance and then we have to rearrange everything,” said Mindy Monk.

Noah's headquarters sent a message to those impacted. It states that, “Noah's as the current operator will no longer be able to host your event, but you will be able to file for an administrative claim…" The message goes on to say, “negative publicity, along with the court order has made it impossible to continue current operations.”

“The best thing to do is pray. that's all you can do,” said Joann Gaston.  “We actually went yesterday and spoke to the bank because we did use a debit card and we have to go back and meet with them tomorrow.”