2 Suspects Steal Victim’s Truck In ‘Crime Of Opportunity’

Monday, February 10th 2020, 5:21 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Two men were caught on camera stealing another man’s pickup truck outside of a Logan County gas station.

Deputies were called to the OnCue gas station on Waterloo Road north of Edmond off of I-35 around 6:10 a.m. Monday.

The two were shopping inside the store before the theft occurred. The suspects left, circled the building in a red pickup truck, before stealing the white Ford F-350 with a used dealer tag 1NXP623.

The victim left the pickup truck running at the time of the theft.

“To me it sounds like they probably didn't plan it through beforehand, It sounds like it was probably just a target, a moment of opportunity,” said Sgt. Alex Poe with the Logan County Sheriff’s office. “It looks like they just jumped on it and took it while they had the chance.”

Both suspects paid with cash, however deputies said they have a lead.

Along with $2,000 worth of tools, the victim also left his phone inside the truck.

“It was found in the middle of the road just east of the location, the victim was able to ping his phone,” said Poe. “He found it just a few blocks short of there, so we know the vehicle went east but after that we don't know where it went from there.”

As investigators continue to work leads, they hope photos of the incident spread.

Now, investigators say, is the right time to do the right thing.

“Try to return the vehicle back to the victim. I would also ask maybe they have a guilty heart now and maybe they would like a chance to get on the right path and correct their mistakes,”

Investigators said they've been contacted by the public with previous sightings of the suspects truck but still no true identifier.

If you have any information, give the Logan County Sheriff’s Department a call at 405-282-4100.