Local Businesses Helping Couples After Wedding Venue Unexpectedly Closed

Tuesday, February 11th 2020, 1:42 am
By: Ashley Holden

Its been less than a week since Noah's Event Venue announced the company was closing its doors nation wide. 

The closure left brides across the country, including in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, scrambling to find a new venue. Some couples said they were now left missing the thousands of dollars they put down as a deposit. 

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There was almost no word from the company other than a small sign on the the businesses door until a statement was released Feb. 10. 

The statement said in part, "Noah's as the current operator will no longer be able to host your event, but you will be able to file for an administrative claim…" 

The statement also said the company filed for bankruptcy and that filing forced them to stop operations immediately. 

Click here to view the whole statement. 

In Oklahoma, other local venues and companies are reaching out to couples scrambling to find a place to have their wedding. 

One of those places is Eparanza Ranch in Luther. The venue consists of an 1800's style Amish Barn and regularly costs between $3,000  and $6,000 to rent. 

Operations Manager for Esparanza Ranch Zach Romoser said he understands just how stressful just picking a venue can be. 

"I remember when my wife and I were venue shopping for our wedding day," said Romoser. "We did at the very first thing."

He said its a big deal for couples to have their wedding venue pulled at the last minute, part of the reason they are working with local brides and giving them a free space for dates between now and June. 

"We saw this as an opportunity to help them out while we do have the availability between now and June," said Romoser. 

So far he said they've had eight or nine brides call and schedule a tour. 

Anyone interested can reach out by emailing info@esperanzaranch.com or by calling 405-380-8868.

Another local venue helping brides out with a discount is The Barn at the Woods in Edmond. 

Staff there said there have been couples that have called who's wedding dates are just weeks away. 

Those interested in The Barn at the Woods can email the location at barnatthewoods@gmail.com.