Curbside Chronicle Valentine's Flower Sale Proceeds Help People Get Out Of Poverty

Wednesday, February 12th 2020, 12:08 am
By: Caleb Califano

Wednesday is the last day for online pre-orders for the annual Curbside Chronicle flower sale.
This is the fifth year for the Chronicles valentines bouquets. A majority of their vendors are people trying to get out of poverty. 100% of the proceeds support the Curbside Chronicle program of the Homeless Alliance. 
“I feel great that I can go out and be a productive member of society and not be judged,” said volunteer Desteney Gabbert. “I probably would have been in prison to be honest.”
Organizers believe helping with the flower sale lessens the stigmas of those less fortunate.
“There is a lot of negative stereotypes about a lot of people that experience homelessness that are unfair. I think this campaign just disproves a lot of them,” said Curbside Chronicle director Rayna Forgotson.
For people like Gabbert, this Valentine’s Day is more than just pretty flowers, it’s an opportunity at a better life.
“I just want to give back somehow,” Gabbert said. 
More information about the flower sale, click here.