Edmond Police Investigate 2 Similar Home Invasions 24 Hours Apart

Wednesday, February 12th 2020, 11:46 am
By: Jennifer Pierce

Edmond police are investigating two similar home invasions that happened 24-hours apart. The latest happened Wednesday morning near East Ayers Street and North Boulevard Street.

The 20-year-old victim was asleep in his home when three suspects reportedly kicked in his door. He called 911 about 20 minutes after the robbery.


“I currently just got robbed at gunpoint and I just got the crap beaten out of me.”

He said a masked black male put a pillow over his face and threatened his life if he moved. The victim told police the pillow fell off as he struggled, and he was hit in the face with a gun.

“He continued to struggle after they placed something else on his head,” said Emily Ward with the Edmond Police Department. “Until they all three ran out of the house.”  

Ward said the suspects left with $80 and took off in a white car. The victim got a look at the car as it was leaving the driveway.


“It was white um four-door like it looks like a Mazda kind of.”   

Edmond police made a traffic stop on a white car with three black males a short time before the victim called 911. According to police, the victim waited 20 minutes before calling police.

“We’re not sure if that car we pulled over are our suspects,” said Ward. “But that would have really helped us if he would have called right away.”  

It could have also helped in another home invasion investigation near East Memorial Road and North Eastern Avenue. A victim described a nearly identical incident 24-hours earlier.


“They came in and asked where the drugs were, and I just asked for my life and my baby’s life and told them not to hurt me and they shoved me and my mother-in-law in her room.”

Police are now checking surveillance video from the area of the latest home invasion and urge witnesses to come forward.

“If anybody did see anything or knows anything,” said Ward. “Please call us.”  

The victim from the Wednesday incident had injuries to his face. Police said his parents took him to the hospital.