Duncan Third Grader Touches Hearts On Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 15th 2020, 12:09 pm
By: Hunter McKee

A Duncan third grade student wanted to make a difference this Valentine’s Day. 

Joslin Lockhart decided to support her teacher whose husband is battling cancer.  Students were passing out their Valentine's Day gifts at Horace Mann Elementary until one student decided to bring her gift up to her teacher, Ms. Jami Cole. 

At the bottom of the gift was a surprise that touched the hearts of the entire class.

Ms. Cole's husband, Drew, teaches at Duncan High School.

Last year, Drew was diagnosed with leukemia.  Drew and Jami make the hour and a half drive to Oklahoma City to receive treatment, which costs the couple around $13,000 per month.

“We go about once every five to six weeks because the leukemia complications have caused me some high trouble,” Drew Cole said.  “I had to have surgery over Christmas break to correct some of that.”

Joslin heard the news and wanted to help.   She tried to find a way to raise money for Drew.

“Me and my grandma thought we should buy candy and knock on doors to see if they want to buy it and I told them the reason why,” Lockhart said.

She raised almost $500 and wanted to keep it a secret until the right time came to surprise her teacher.

“Joslin brought up a big bag of candy and she said there's something for Mr. (Drew) Cole at the bottom and I said, ‘I’m not sharing my candy with Mr. Cole,’” Ms. Cole said. “She started laughing and said, ‘No, Ms. Cole, just look. Just look in the bottom.”

Underneath the candy was the money. 

“She said, ‘Ms. Cole, that's for Mr. Cole. For his cancer,’” Ms. Cole said.

Joslin said when she grows up, she wants to be a doctor so she can try and cure cancer. 

For now, it's about doing whatever it takes to help Mr. Cole.

“It just made me feel glad because it just like made Ms. Cole and her husband happy and that I did that for them,” Lockhart said.

“I know she loves Ms. Cole, and through that, she loves me and I her,” Drew Cole said.  “So we're going to be lifelong buddies now.”

Mr. Cole says he is recovering well thus far.

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