Local Author, Illustrator Look To Inspire Young Girls With New Children's Book

Tuesday, February 18th 2020, 12:26 am
By: Kelsey Kernstine

A local author and illustrator are filling what they call a void in the children's market with a new book to inspire young girls.

The book is called "All the Things a Girl Can Be" and its message is to encourage young girls that they can choose to be anything they dream of.

"The world is full of people being all the things you see. So never feel less than equal because there's nothing girls can't be."

Those empowering words can be found in the first two pages of author Tanner Tate and illustrator's Morgan Snyder's book. Tate said the idea emerged after he saw a lack on the shelves.

"There just wasn't anything that I saw that filled that need that I had to be able to tell my daughter, 'you are equal, that you can do anything you want to do, you can be anything you want to be. All you have to do is want that and work for it," Tate said.

The book teaches young girls about 24 different career paths they could take, including male-dominated careers and what Tate calls off-beat options.

"The book talks about environmentalists, paleontologist, scientists," Tate said.

Cinnamon Bears store owner, Mary Edwards said that's why the book is at her store, "I have a daughter so I think it's very important to let girls know they can do anything. She happens to be an environmentalist, which you know there weren't many when she first went into that field." 

Illustrator Morgan Snyder came in to set the tone and filled the pages with color.  

"I wanted it to be any girl, any race, any size, any color,  so that it could appeal to all people, all girls of all age," Snyder said.

Snyder said she was very excited to be a part of the book, "I want little girls to know that they can be anything that they want to be, that we are equal and ready to be strong women and move forward."

Snyder said she made all the illustration on an Ipad Pro and it took nearly a years worth of work to finish the book.

Tate said right now his 5-year-old daughter wants to be a princess, "but I know she'll age out of that - she really like the paleontologist." 

To purchase a copy of the book you can head to Cinnamon Bears at 610 South Kelly Avenue in Edmond. 

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