Anadarko Police, Fire Distribute Easter Eggs After Holiday Festivals Canceled

Friday, May 15th 2020, 10:24 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

ANADARKO, Oklahoma -

What would you do with thousands of Easter eggs filled with candy?

Anadarko city leaders faced that exact question after being forced to cancel its Easter festivities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s forced the city to get creative ultimately deciding that first responders and volunteers would drive around the city to hand out Easter eggs to children.

The sound of sirens echoed through the streets of Anadarko Friday morning.

There was no fire, no high-speed police chase. Just first responders and young volunteers passing out Easter eggs to kids in quarantine.

“Is a great idea, fantastic idea,” said Justin Richardson, an Anadarko resident. “They are going to love it.”

Hoppy Days was canceled this year leaving the city with over 16,000 candy filled plastic eggs. The bunny, even Skittles the Peacock, getting in on the action.

“The city manager had advertised in the last few days so that the people would be aware of what was going on,” said Anadarko Fire Chief, Greg Stone. “We found that a lot of neighborhoods kids with parents were ready, they were waiting for us.”

As time went on, smiles grew, mostly coming from adults.

“We’ve noticed that there are a lot more kids out in the yards, playing,” said Stone. “Parents just spending time together (and it) seems to be a lot more of a friendly atmosphere because of people slowing down.”

Times remain uncertain, no doubt. Surprisingly a pandemic is bringing Oklahomans together.

“We still want to give back to our community and let them have a little something to be appreciative for too,” said Stone.

This is the first-time city leaders have done such a thing.

In almost three hours, all of the city’s plastic Easter eggs had been distributed.