Jamie Lee Curtis To Play Oklahoma Mother In Lifetime Movie

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 10:51 pm


In 2018, she went viral online for offering to be a “stand-in mom” at same sex weddings.

Fast forward to today, the story of Free Mom Hugs and Oklahoma native Sara Cunningham is going Hollywood with an a-list celebrity playing the part.

Normally the Free Mom Hugs crew would be touring the country by now, all part of their annual nationwide tour each Mother’s Day. With COVID-19, those plans were brought to a screeching halt.

“It felt like we were gearing up for warp speed and someone just came along and pulled the plug,” said Sarah Cunningham, Executive Director of Free Mom Hugs. “It could have been devastating.”

It’s been anything but. The nonprofit came up with the bright idea that their fourth-annual tour would be a virtual one to Washington DC.

“We really haven’t lost much except for the physical connection,” said Sara. “Rather than bringing us together, it is about keeping us together during this time.”

Each day the nonprofit has released videos of discussions and musical performances.

“Since we have gone national, we are able to connect with our moms in other states,” said Parker Cunningham, Sara’s son. “A lot of these moms we were planning on meeting anyway.”

The movement has Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt’s support.

It also has the support of Hollywood A-lister Jamie Lee Curtis who recently announced she’ll play Sara in an upcoming Lifetime Movie based on her memoir called “How We Sleep At Night.”

“When she picked me up at my hotel in her Jeep, we looked at each other well,” said Curtis. “It’s crazy, I realized of course I was going to play her.”

Hugs have been on hold for now. Post pandemic they’ll be back with a whole new meaning.

“It is going to be more profound than it was before,” said Sara. “That is what we are looking forward to.”

The Free Mom Hugs Tour is online each night at 7 p.m. until Sunday, May 17.

Look for the movie “How We Sleep At Night” to air on Lifetime sometime next year.