Gov. Stitt Says Oklahoma In ‘Great Shape’ For Phase 2 Of Reopening

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 6:27 pm


Governor Kevin Stitt said the state is ready for phase two of its reopening. 

Phase one included opening a long list of businesses including gyms, restaurants and hair salons. Phase two expands that list. 

“Our data shows we are in great shape to move to phase two,” Stitt said.

The governor said even with phase one of the reopening and more people out and about, cases of COVID-19 continue to be manageable, testing is up, and he said the numbers prove it.

Stitt said Oklahoma still has the 8th fewest COVID-cases per capita in the country, and hospitalizations continue to decline even 20-days after reopening. Positive tests, Stitt said, continue to decline.

“As of last night, just 4.8 percent of our tests are coming back positive. That means out of a thousand tests taken, 48 are coming back positive, 952 are negative,” Stitt said. “In Oklahoma County there are 212 active cases out of almost 800,000 people. That means 99.973 percent of the population does not have an active case of COVID-19.”

So, Stitt said that means the state is ready for phase two of reopening Friday.

“Some of the highlights in phase two include resuming organized sports, with proper social distancing and sanitization. Resuming weddings and funerals, as long as proper social distancing is followed,” he said.

Under phase two, bars will be able to open, as long as they adhere to social distancing requirements, non-essential travel can resume and children’s nursery areas in places of worship can reopen. The elderly and vulnerable should continue to follow the safer-at-home guidelines.

“This is our moment to showcase Oklahoma’s courage and freedom to the nation,” Stitt said.

We did see a significant spike in cases in Texas County where there was an outbreak of COVID-19 at a meat packing plant in Gyumon. Texas County, which only has 20,000 residents, has 403 confirmed cases. The state is stepping up testing efforts there.