2 Teens Arrested After Del City Woman Was Assaulted While Helping Mother Unload Groceries

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 5:16 pm

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -

Police said a senior citizen was attacked Wednesday while helping her 91-year-old mother unload groceries.

The incident was partially caught on camera.

It all began when the 68-year-old victim was helping her mother unload groceries from the car in a Del City neighborhood.

Two teenagers approached.

“They asked if they needed help carrying the groceries in. She told them, ‘no,’ that she had it and thanked them for asking, and they walked off. A few minutes later, they walked back up asking where another address is,” Del City police Maj. Bradley Rule said.

According to police, that’s when things turned violent.

“At this time one of the males approached her, began pushing her and then pushing her in the chest and she fell down. At that time, they fled the area and she phoned police,” Rule said.

Police posted surveillance video of the teen suspects on Facebook. Hours later, they were identified.

“The dispatcher received a call from another citizen, saying she had seen the video and the two kids were in the 4200 block of Epperly,” Rule said.

Both suspects, who have not been identified by police, have been booked on complaints of aggravated assault and battery.

Rule said the victim is doing OK.

“She said she had a little abrasion and a little soreness,” Rule said.

Investigators are trying to figure out a motive.

“I don’t think it was just a random assault, but we don’t know what it was,” Rule said.