Canadian County First Responders Take Antibody Test To Help Fight Against COVID-19

Thursday, May 14th 2020, 6:58 am

Canadian County -

First responders across Canadian County are taking a clinical test to see if they have the antibodies to fight against COVID-19.

For Officer Barrett Chastain, its safe to say his job is essential.

"We are basically responsible for keeping the peace, being responsive to the community," he says.

For the past ten years he's served the city of Mustang. This week he and other law enforcement around Canadian County served by taking an antibody test to help with the fight against COVID-19.

"What we are trying to determine is that if they have developed antibodies, or even have been exposed. This to help them determine the protection they need," says Jody Lacoste for Gryphon ESP.

The test basically shows three results: not exposed, exposed with protective antibodies, or exposed while developing those antibodies.

Chastain says having this information is vital for policing.

"We don't have an option to say no, we can't work from home. We are going to be out here in the community," says Chastain.

This antibody test is a quick one, a prick to the finger and in that same day Canadian County first responders know their results.

"Additionally if we have been exposed and do have that antibody, then maybe we can help others," he said.

For Chastain and first responders in his community, this type of service is definitely not something he's seen before. But in the wake of COVID-19, he said he's willing to help for the safety of himself and others around him.

"So anytime we can get information, especially in these troubling times, it's worth our time and effort to do so," he said.