Local Man Says He’s Received over 100 Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Tuesday, May 5th 2020, 10:07 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

A metro man said he’s received over 100 fraudulent unemployment claims from a business he closed down over three years ago.

Jim Sutton was greeted with 47 letters in his mailbox recently, pushing a total number to over 100 he has received.

Sutton was the owner of a construction supply company he owned and shut down three years ago.

“When our state is suffering from revenue shortfall from coronavirus, to the oil revenues,” said Sutton. “Then I see in one day a potential $47,000 a week that our tax payers our spending.”

The letters began arriving about three weeks ago.

Sutton is making sure he responds to each one assuring taxpayer dollars are going to where it’s intended to, those who actually need it.

“James Hill, James W. Hill, Jonny Hill, Jonny R. Hill, Jimmy Hill, Bobby Hill, Jimmy Hill with a different social security number,” said Sutton. “I mean it goes on and on, just person after person.”

The Oklahoma Unemployment Security Commission said it’s already aware of thousands of what they’re calling “suspicious” claims statewide.

The OSBI and FBI are working with the commission on fraudulent claims.

Sutton expects these letters to continue and he said he’ll be ready as it does anything to stop those with ill intent in the middle of a pandemic.

“When I think about the number of businesses, the owners, I hope they don’t throw these in the trash,” said Sutton. “I want them to be compelled to respond or they are going to receive that money.”

Many business owners said some employees are refusing to come back work, because they make more money on unemployment.

OESC saidif they get wind of that, and unless you’ve been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine, your benefits could be terminated.