OKC Man Accused Of Threatening Woman, Slashing Her Tires For Her Stimulus Check

Tuesday, May 5th 2020, 4:52 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

An argument over a stimulus check turned into a violent assault, according to Oklahoma County court documents.

Police arrested Dillon Avery, 33, on 11 complaints. He is accused of threatening to harm and assault his ex-girlfriend.

According to documents, Avery admitted to officers he assaulted the woman because he wanted the money and said the threats were meant to scare her.

A trip to cash a stimulus check at a check cashing business near NW 23rd and Pennsylvania Avenue did not go as planned.

The victim called police after Avery followed her to the store and confronted her.

“She was going to cash her stimulus check,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “He wanted the money and she wouldn’t give it to him and he ended up slashing her tires.”

Avery left the store before officers showed up and his violent behavior continued to escalate.

According to a court document, Avery sent several threatening text messages to the woman.

In one of them he said, "I promise if u don't give me money asap I will cut off 2 of your fingers.” He went on to text, "I'm picking up a gun my Mexican homies and finding u."

Avery named people, including the victim's family members, he would allegedly harm. 

Police said Avery showed up to the woman’s home the day after he slashed her tires.

“She was trying to leave the residence, she was in somebody else’s car,” said Knight. “The male pulled up, blocked her in, got out and pulled her out of the car by the hair and began assaulting her.”

Avery did not stop there. Witnesses said he grabbed a wrench and tried to bust out the car's windows.

He was still at the victim's home when officers showed up. Police found the wrench and several crack pipes in his pickup.

“They were able to take him into custody,” said Knight. “Thankfully, she was not seriously injured.”

The victim told police she was in the process of getting a victim’s protective order against Avery.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on 11 complaints in connection with the assault.