Nonprofit Offers Free Support Sessions To First Responders, Medical Professionals During Pandemic

Monday, May 4th 2020, 11:29 am

A new initiative is being offered to medical professionals and first responders who are dealing with and treating COVID-19 patients. 

A nonprofit called Green Shoe Foundation is offering free supportive therapy to frontline workers.

“This can be a one-time debriefing support session, or this can be an ongoing support for them as long as they need it,” Green Shoe Executive Director Stephany Cochran said. “We are hearing from the CDC, WHO, how it is our health professionals that are vulnerable to those negative mental health effects dealing with the patients and the critically heal as well as trying to balance their concern and worry for their family and their friends and for a lot of them, the isolation from their family and friends.”

Cochran explained to News 9 how the process works.

“The process will be they will get a phone call from me or one of the therapist and we will schedule time for a session that works best for them. They are going to have a choice between doing a zoom meeting just like you and I are doing now, or over the phone,” Cochran said.

Paycom's founder Chad Richison is the mind behind the Green Shoe.

The foundation's executive director wants our heroes on the front lines to know that their support won't just vanish.

“We are going to be here as long as needed,” Cochran said,

The sessions are free. To register or for more information, click here.