Friends, Family Parade For OKC Nursing Home Residents

Friday, May 1st 2020, 4:29 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

Quail Ridge Assisted Living residents got a "Parade of Life" Friday morning after six weeks of being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Linda Albers, a resident at Quail Ridge Assisted Living, said she was shocked by the turnout.

"I didn't think it was going to be that big. I didn't think they were going to have that many cars,” Albers said.

Albers said multiple family members showed up.

"My daughter and her family came in one car, my son and daughter came in another car," she said.

It wasn't just Albers's family that came by, but other residents' family, friends, Oklahoma City police from the Hefner Division and health companies.

They all came to show their support to loved one's at Quail Ridge.

Patty Farrington with Quail Ridge said they wanted to do something special for their resident, “to life their spirits.”

Albers said the six-week quarantine has not been easy, and “sometimes you get tired of your room.”

But she’s been making due by calling her family.

"You can get on the schedule and Skype your family and talk to them,” Albers said.

Other residents said their family visits them, but with certain rules.

Farrington said "visitors can come up to windows but you have to keep the door shut.”

But according to Farrington, it could be quite some time before they get the green light to open.

"Even when we are clear to open we want to take it slow," Farrington said.

Albers said she’s grateful her place of living are taking extra precautions.

"I rather be safe than sorry,” she said.

Quail Ridge Assisted Living will continue to be on lockdown for an undetermined amount of time.