Your 2 Cents: Do You Plan To Go Out This Weekend For ‘Oklahoma’s Reopening?’

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 10:24 pm
By: Kelly Ogle

With restaurants, more retail stores, movie theaters, churches and sports venues allowed to resume operations, this weekend feels like Oklahoma's reopening.

Kelly Ogle asked on Facebook if you'll be venturing out this weekend.

Here's what you had to say:

Suzy first: "I'm planning on staying out of the crowd for a few more weeks. I want to make sure people don't start dropping like flies."

Sherri writes: "I will monitor the stats on new cases etc. until mid-May then re-evaluate."

Hundreds of you wrote in, and 75% of you sounded a similar cautious tone.

From Stefanie: "Being an essential employee, I've been out every day. However, going out to eat, shopping, malls or to the movies is not on my list anytime soon."

But Stan is ready to go:

"I've been going out as much as I want to," he said.

Tracey writes: "I went to "At Home" today. It was amazing to feel back to normal. "

From Angie: "I have already been out to wherever was open... We never should have been locked down at all."

Amanda said that kind of mindset worries her: "We went to Mt. Scott last weekend thinking it would be easy to stay away from others, unfortunately most are not taking it seriously."

Finally from Pat: "I'm old and ‘at risk.’ Had my hair done. Had my dog groomed. Been to 3 plant nurseries. Plan to get Chinese food next Friday and go to the Farmer's market the following day. Can't wait till my church resumes worship together!!"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.