Moore Community Mourns Loss Of Marine Killed In Tragic Accident At Vance AFB

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 9:46 pm

The Moore community is mourning the loss of a former Moore lion and football standout killed in a tragic accident. Monday, Taylor Lewis died while working on an elevator at Vance Air Force Base. His loss is felt by so many.

Taylor Lewis or Big Lew was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was an athlete, a marine, a friend and above all a kind soul.

Big Lew was a big guy with an even bigger heart.

“Even his family, like his parents, we all want him to be remembered as the guy with a huge smile and heart, like a big teddy bear,” said girlfriend Sara Gurchinoff.

Taylor and Gurchinoff were deeply in love. She said Taylor’s positive spirit and zest for life were infectious.

“His marines just love him because he was such a motivator, the guy who pushed you to push yourself whether it was in the weight room or at your job,” said Gurchinoff.

Moore High School Athletic Director Chad Mashburn coached Taylor up until he graduated in 2012. He said his megawatt smile would stop you in your tracks.

“That smile from across the field, when he walked up to the sideline on a Friday night you knew who it was and you get that warm feeling and think that’s a great kid,” said Mashburn.

He said Taylor was a classy kid, who came from a classy family. He said for the marine reservist the sky was the limit. On or off the field Taylor was a natural born leader.

“I don’t know what he wanted to do in the military but he’d be someone who’d be a four star general leading our military. I could see him doing that if that’s what he wanted to do. That’s the type of kid he was,” said Mashburn

And while he was career driven Gurchinoff said he placed his loved ones above all.

“If you were someone close to Taylor it didn’t matter if you were a guy friend, girlfriend, his dad, he ended every phone call with I love you. He was that guy. Alright, love you! He wasn’t afraid to show people he loved them,” said Mashburn.

And while he’s no longer here on earth those close to him said his legacy will live on.

“Taylor will not be forgotten he’s got pictures, that’s who he was and I was proud to be a part of his life,” said Mashburn.

“We just want to make him proud, we want to carry on his character and let him know he left that impact and we are carrying it on for him,” said Gurchinoff.

Lewis was an apprentice with a subcontractor. OSHA is investigating the fatal accident.

Taylor Lewis will be laid to rest Saturday. A donation in lieu of flowers can be sent to or