Local Gyms Prepare To Reopen With Social Distancing Plans In Place

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 9:16 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahoma City -

Local gyms are getting ready to reopen and are putting social distancing plans in place. 

Koda Crossfit's Oklahoma City location has created lanes for their members to workout in. 

They plan on having each person wipe down their own equipment and then staff clean as well.

One of the gym's owners, Jared Muse, said they are adjusting class sizes, asking people to not hang out after or before class times and have hand washing stations set up.

"It's going to be hard," said Muse. "It's hard for me to tell people to wait outside for the next class or to make people leave right afterwards. But we're going to have to do that now just to keep everyone safe."

Each of their locations will have their own cap on class sizes based on the size of the gym. Members will use an app to sign up for classes.