Restaurants Prepare To Follow Guidelines Before The All Clear To Open On Friday

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 6:11 pm

Restaurants across the state are preparing to open their doors back up, but when they do, they have some strict guidelines they will have to follow.

“The losses in the restaurant industry are greater than the airline industry, the trucking industry and spectator sports combined,” said Jim Hopper, the President and CEO of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association.

With such a hard hit the reality is some restaurants won’t be able to open their doors again.

For the ones who are lucky enough to welcome their guests back there is some preparing they have to do.

Hopper told News 9 things will look different.

Tables will need to be spaced apart for social distancing, eating areas will need to be sanitized more frequently and they are adding in some recommendations you might not think of.

“There will be an emphasis on using disposable menus and silverware,” said Hopper. “We are also recommending single use condiments.”

This all in an effort to keep guests and workers healthy, but also to build back trust in the community.

“It might take a while because people are nervous and so are employees,” said Hopper. “It will take a community effort to let people know that it is a good thing to do and it is okay to come and eat.”