ABLE Allows Home Alcohol Deliveries To Encourage Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic

Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 3:47 pm
By: Storme Jones

The agency that oversees alcohol in Oklahoma has given the green light for temporary home deliveries to encourage social distancing.

The changes were announced Tuesday and took effect immediately. 

“We didn’t think this was coming, in fact, we thought since statute prohibits it we didn’t think it would be possible,” Moore Liquor owner Bryan Kerr said.

Through April 17, liquor stores can deliver wine, beer and spirits. Restaurants, bars, clubs, grocery and convenience stores are limited to wine and beer only.

“We are just trying to help an industry through this tough time, trying to come up with a few little tweaks that we can do temporarily in this situation to allow them to have a way to make a living,” Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement (ABLE) commission Assistant Director Brent Fairchild said.

The drinks must be sealed in an original manufacture’s container. Mixed drinks cannot be delivered.

“At least initially at my store -- myself and my wife are going to be making deliveries just to make sure the process is good for both the store and the consumer,” Kerr said.

ABLE said only licensed employees will be able to make the deliveries, meaning UberEats and Postmates cannot deliver alcohol.

“They need to know who they are selling to and be able to verify that they are 21 years old,” Fairchild said.

Moore Liquor is starting with a three-mile radius around the store but said the store may increase that area if things are going well. They are charging a $5 fee to cover gas and mileage.

“We are grateful to be doing it in this time of COVID-19 obviously because everyone has concerns about safety,” Kerr said. “The fewer people we have in one place at one time, the better off we are.”