Red Dirt Diaries: Edmond Woman Reunites With Her Best Friend Growing Up, Her Piano

Friday, February 28th 2020, 7:46 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Edmond grandmother calls it a gift from God.

This month Lisa Green was reunited her family’s antique piano after 27 years.

“I loved everything about it,” said Green.

The 1931 Winter Musette piano belonged to Green’s grandparents, and parents before being passed down to her.

Green said she regrets donating the instrument to a church in Shawnee in 1993 after she and her then- husband were moving into a new house.

“In the back of my mind I wish I could have had my old piano back,” said Green, who moved back to Oklahoma within the past two years.

Earlier this month she found herself antiquing with friends in downtown Guthrie.

She walked into Wisteria Antique Mall for the first time and immediately broke into tears at the sight of the same piano.

“It was actually being used to place other items on because it sat there for so long,” said Dale Stephens with Wisteria Antique Mall.

“I went up and saw the marking and I just started crying,” said Green, who immediately purchased the piano for $100.

The 1931 Winter Musette had the same broken pedal, markings on the keys, and a mismatched stain when Lisa tried to repair a scratch.

Lisa plans to restore the piano and keep the piano in her family for good.

“God just gives unexpected gifts all the time to me and miracles have happened to me. It’s all God’s love and kindness for me,” said Green.