Resolution To Make Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State Advances

Wednesday, February 26th 2020, 8:11 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A resolution to make Oklahoma a second amendment sanctuary state advances to the Senate floor. 

Senate Joint Resolution 16 would change the state constitution to, according to the author, prevent any new laws that would weaken Oklahomans rights to have guns.

Author Dave Bullard (R) Durant said the goal is to ensure future legislatures can’t pass laws restricting the use and ownership of what are known as common use guns.

“Common use is anything that is in common use right now. So, handguns, shotguns, long rifles. AR-15’s. Those are all in common use.”

The resolution would not trump current laws, Bullard said.

“No. It would not. So, like the statutes we have on carry on campus or carry in the capitol building, no it does not override those,” he said.

Senator Julia Kirt (D) Oklahoma City had concerns. 

“I still think we are jeopardizing the safety of Oklahomans and we are limiting future legislatures from taking necessary action for the wellbeing of communities.” Kirt said. “We’re opening up all our current limitations around abusers and stalkers carrying weapons around weapons in courtrooms, carrying weapons in detention facilities and every other limitation that we’ve considered reasonable.”

The resolution would not allow felons or those who are mentally incompetent to possess firearms.

“Because it does specifically list out a list of exclusions that that would be the list of exclusions period. And would override state statute,” said Senator Lonnie Paxton (R) Tuttle, urging Bullard to rework the wording of the resolution before it comes up for a vote on the senate floor.

The resolution passed 7-2.