Oklahoma Governor Announces 'SoonerCare 2.0' Medicaid Expansion Plan

Thursday, January 30th 2020, 7:17 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt unveiled his new health care plan Thursday, January 30.

He's calling it SoonerCare 2.0 and said it would be better than the Medicaid expansion proposed under State Question 802. The plan is closely aligned with a new Trump Administration initiative.

As America's ultimate political drama in the Senate was marching closer to a conclusion, just a short walk away, the President's health care leaders were offering up a new twist on Medicaid, an optional block grant initiative they're calling Healthy Adult Opportunity.

Governor Stitt was part of the roll-out, saying that, as part of his top 10 mission, he intends for Oklahoma to be the first state to opt in.

"Currently in Oklahoma, we have battled for generations with bottom 10 health care outcome - that has got to change," said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

SoonerCare 2.0, he said, will help by bringing in more than a billion in additional federal funds to expand care to vulnerable populations - with stipulations.

The Trump administration rolled out work requirements, community engagement requirements and some premiums and allows the states to determine what's unique about delivering health in Oklahoma, like the need for rural health care.

Stitt says Medicaid services for those currently enrolled won't change.

Trump administration officials downplay concerns over expected legal challenges to the program, and Governor Stitt is completely on board.

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